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of injustice and oprah

my mind struggles to make sense of oprah’s struggle to spend 38k on a purse. perhaps she could visit the silk market… where a vendor of counterfeit purses would consider 38k a year’s salary.

there are two solitudes in consumption, i suppose. the first one will tend to the sensational while the other will tend to the substantial.

this is not the first time in history when haves get confused for the have nots. i think mr. veblen would be amused at it all.


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rhythm of reed

rhythm of reed by the measure of mike
rhythm of reed, a photo by the measure of mike on Flickr.

Along the mekong delta, I noticed an orphanage under construction. This was a first layer of the roof’s surface; beautiful to mea in at least three ways at once.

But a last ing reminder or the visual treasures that travel through time via “unselfconscious” design.

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