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seeking the harmony, in harmonious society

grass addiction 2 by the measure of mike
grass addiction 2, a photo by the measure of mike on Flickr.

a year ago it was all dog joy in #china for dreyfuss.

today we navigate dog policy to study safe passage back to #canada – for him. without us. sigh. til then dreyfuss lives in something akin to protective custody. weird right?

at first we thought the dog crackdown to simply be a matter of culture shock. a terrible misunderstanding, with no apparent explanation, of the moscow-knows-no-tears variety. now after weeks of investigating, it seems that only the logic is terrible. and the misunderstanding is simply feigned by the police who act out the wishes of leaders – pretending to men of action. I have since learned that there were thirteen incidents of rabies in the city of beijing last year. and that figure is at the heart of this story.

but that figure is sad. and sadder still for the capital city of an emergent super-power. after all, for as little as 60 rmb or 10 USD any pet can be vaccinated, trouble free, in this country. pet doctors estimate that the price could even be lower.

for every vaccinated dog it is expected there are nine more who have no access to the needle. how can officials explain this gap, when over a million or so dogs get registered every year? at 500 rmb per registration that represents real money. money that loses its way on from pet owner to police office to public security official to veterinary medical clinic – where the vaccine is meant to be administered.

in order to realize the chinese dream, leaders need to learn to act harmoniously – and with accountability – to do what they say they will do – when they take the funds of a resident or citizen. modern cities solve problems using modern methods. not gangs wielding sticks, snares and nets.

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