forensic studies of MySpace begin

An article by Robert Scoble appears to have ignited a number of forensic examinations into the creative destruction of MySpace. The pattern that seems to emerge from it are a series of missteps that were cultural – and structural.

What is most intriguing to think about is a widening delta between the information architecture of the platform and the cultural ontology of Myspace.

…Myspace didn’t have programming talent capable of scaling the site to compete with Facebook.

Choosing the Microsoft stack made it difficult to hire people capable of competing with Facebook. .Net programmers are largely Enterprise programmers who are not constitutionally constructed to create large scalable websites at a startup pace. 

Their system had ” “hundreds of hacks to make it scale that no one wants to touch,” which hamstrung their ability to really compete.

Because of their infrastructure MySpace can’t change their technology to make new features work or make dramatically new experiences.

Firing a lot of people nose dived morale and made hiring tough. (duh)

Los Angeles doesn’t have startup talent capable of producing a scalable social network system.

Facebooks’ choice of the LAMP stack allowed them to hire quicker and find people who knew how to scale.

via High Scalability – High Scalability – Did the Microsoft Stack Kill MySpace?.

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