Mr Mossberg asks

It seems like Walt Mossberg is getting fed up with innovation in mobile devices. Today his frustration boiled over. Perhaps his gifts at cutting thru spin would be better pointed at the mobile carriers directly then??

…Far from the light, casual conversation expected from an industry driven event, Mossberg took full advantage of having business leaders from five of the largest mobile device maker on stage at the same time. The discussion covered tablets replacing laptops and desktops in enterprise and how design plays a role in mobile device success as well as long-standing trends in the industry that show no sign of changing in the future.“Can we ever get to the point where we get rid of the carrier subsidies…?” Mossberg asked, remarking that a subsidy-free smart phone would eliminate carrier contracts, early termination fees and the like.Mossberg didn’t buy the response from Research In Motion SVP of Business and Platform Marketing Jeff McDowell who laid blame on the carriers, which use subsidies as a valuable marketing tactic something that isn’t likely to go away. Conveniently, McDowell omitted key details about his company’s relationship with those wireless carriers, who are estimated to pay almost two-thirds of the total cost depending on the device model.“Our main channel of market for the smart phones is the carriers. That’s a strategic decision that was made many years ago. For us to change that decision would be tough to do overnight,” to which Mossberg replied “All right, I’ll give you two, three nights.”

via WJS’s Walt Mossberg Comes Down Hard On RIM, Samsung Execs At CTIA Wireless 2011 Conference.

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