the annals of creative destruction

No other company seems as dedicated to creative destruction as Apple. Their latest effort to relegate the optical disk to the past is turning out to be harder than expected.

Pundits and analysts like to refer to these transitions as though they singular moments of corporate bravado. Even in this telling TechCrunch would like you to think of the delay as being a bug, in the code. When in fact it involves a pretty complex dance that has more to do with making structural adjustments than just a detail or two. 


If there was any doubt in peoples’ minds that Apple intends to kill off the optical disc, it was put to rest today. This morning’s unveiling of the OS X Lion Developer Preview came with the news that it would only be available one way: through the Mac App Store. And while Apple wouldn’t say if they intended to release the final version of Lion to consumers this summer in the same way, it’s pretty clear that they’re going to do just that.

But this important push into the post-optical disc era hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for all so far.

Since the beta was first put up for download this morning, angry developers have flooded Apple’s forums. Why? Because many can’t install the software. But it’s not a bug in the OS itself that’s preventing them from doing it, it’s a bug in the distribution method — the Mac App Store…

via The Post-Optical Disc Era Gets Off To A Rocky Start With The OS X Lion Beta.

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