payment app v platform

…if every retailer sets up a proprietary purchasing app, checkout will become a ridiculous exercise in pawing through apps. But even a one-app-pays-all solution has to be implemented cleverly if it is to win converts, according to Kevin Woodward, editor of ISO and Agent, which covers payment issues. “It has to be easier than a credit card,” Woodward said in an interview. “You can’t walk around with the app open, and if you need to fish around in app menus to find it, most people are going to reject it.” Woodward cites the lack of uptake for contactless payment with systems like MasterCard’s PayPass a few years back, noting consumer uncertainty and expense for merchants apparently stymied adoption. “Someone has to figure out a way to make it a better transaction experience, not only for the merchant but for the customer as well.”

via ePayments Week: How to steal coffee from your friends – O’Reilly Radar.

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