the difficult part of the long now

…John Gruber explains  why he is done with ‘The daily’. Rupert Murdoch’s business concept for ‘global news gathering and journalism’. For gruber the first moment of truth for this new-news experience is just that – a brief moment. As the world becomes time is the only currency that matters. 80s for the The daily. Done with that. About 25s for the NYT. Done with that. 7s for Flipboard. Priceless. 

Season’s will change and years will move on. And then others will look back at a 7s latency as dubiously as 80s  does today.  Considering that time to react is such a deal breaker for users and usage, one must wonder why designers and their business sponsors are unable to make identify it as a design factor? 

…I’ve been reading The Daily each day since its debut Wednesday. Three days, three issues. My opinion of it has declined each day. Until I see an updated version of the app, I’m done with it. I noticed yesterday that it took way too long to load the day’s new issue. Today, I timed it. From the time I tapped the icon on my home screen until I could read a single page, today’s issue took one minute and twenty seconds. And to be clear, that was over a reasonably fast Wi-Fi connection.

One minute, twenty seconds. For over a minute of that time, this is all that I saw. At that point, it’s already a lost cause. There’s nothing the actual content or interface of the app can do to make up for the fact that it takes way too long to see anything at all. Imagine a paper newspaper that was wrapped in an envelope, and the envelope was so difficult to open that it took over a minute before you could see the front page of the issue. Who would buy that newspaper? No one, that’s who. And I suspect that’s who’s going to read The Daily, unless they fix this, and soon.

For comparison’s sake, I timed The New York Times iPad app. That took about 25 seconds to load today’s issue. A lot less time than The Daily, but, still too long. I realized that the delay before being able to read it was the reason I’d slowly stopped using The NYT iPad app over the last few months.

I also timed Flipboard. Seven seconds, and then I could see and read new content. That’s what I’m talking about.

via Daring Fireball.

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