NFC – ready to tip?

If NFC is everywhere… then what could account for why people don’t use it for more?

…NFC is already all around you, though you may not have noticed. Some hotels use NFC room keys (replacing the magnetic stripe ones, which replaced the punch plastic card ones, which replaced the physical key) as a means of convenience and security–since it can be tricky to “clone” an NFC key, versus a magnetic stripe one. The train ticket I used to commute to the office today is NFC–it’s identical to most printed card train tickets except there’s a thin loop of wire inside to act as an antenna, and if you squeeze it you can feel the grain-of-rice-like silicon chip in one corner. To get to the platform I merely had to pad my wallet up against a sensor, and when checking my ticket the guard was content to wave his scanning wand over my wallet without needing to see the physical ticket.

via The Race Is On to Make NFC Wireless Credit Card Dreams Come True (and Win Market Share) | Fast Company.

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