ten years hence

Something old. Something new. The seemingly bold step of automating the hotel service. It gets me to thinking how long before something is feasible is it socially desirable. Much of this comes down to the brand, me thinks…

…Nordic Choice Hotel chain has become the first to implement a 100% automated check in and departure system at a major hotel. The Comfort Xpress Hotel in Oslo now allows guests to reserve, check in and check out without ever having to deal with a pesky human.

Using a system developed by Ariane Systems, guests check in prior to arrival using the “Allegro web/mobile check-in platform.” They click a link received via email or text and establish check-in time, manage room preferences, update their profile and pay.

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On arrival, guests get another electronic communication containing their room number and access option. The two access options are by using their phone as a key, via the OpenWays Mobile Key system, or by obtaining an RFID keycard through an automatic kiosk.

Thomas Westergaard, senior VP of Comfort Hotels for Nordic Choice Hotels said this was, in part, a matter of playing catch-up.

“The airline industry automated the check-in process 10 years ago, and we feel it is time that the hotel industry follows suit.”

via First All-Automated Hotel Opens in Norway.

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