between hype and human behaviour

Same-day-songs is the new concept for fighting privacy, in an effort capture true earnings. Curiously one must wonder why it would have taken so long to experiment with such a remedy like this before now. That is if it is truly  a cause of lost earnings, by motivating the earliest adopters to eschew piracy and pay for goods of timely value. 

…there’s no doubt that early releases of songs on the radio do tend to find themselves available for download illegally shortly thereafter.According to music executives, the practice of “setting up” a record several weeks in advance of sales is out-of-date. “What we were findng under the old system was the search for songs on Google or iTunes were peaking two weeks before they actually became available to buy,” says David Joseph, the chief executive of Universal Music, “meaning that the public was bored of – or had already pirated – new singles.”The practice of hyping music before release was part of a strategy of having songs hit the number one position on the chart upon release, and The Guardian says that industry insiders believe this new “on air, on sale” policy will make it easier for songs to climb the charts as excitement grows, rather than simply appear on the charts on release day, only to fall off immediately afterwards.

via To Combat Piracy, Music Labels to Sell Digital Singles the Same Day Songs Hit the Radio –

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