on innovation; less about what you add, and more about how you take something away

What amazes me is how vexing it can be to explain what innovators like Apple do that others seek to master – or emulate. Even for people who dedicate their whole blog to the topic. This is good explanation of the cultural dedication to the removal of cruft.

..We’ll spend months thinking about and arguing about a product supposedly doing nothing (even for just a speed bump of a Mac.) and then start spinning.

The iterations are simplification steps removing cruft. I can’t think of any where we added something (which is not to say it never happened just that it is rare) but many where we removed. You learn that things you thought you needed you actually didn’t. This minimum search takes iterations and like profiling, it often surprises you how different things are once you can hold it and it is no longer just an image in your mind.

via Measuring Measures – Measuring Measures – Three Design Hacks from Apple.

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