trying pleasure over pain

Prerna Gupta argus in techCrunch that VC’s hold an unexplained bias toward to ‘painkillers’ as the only legitimate start-ups to invest in. VC’s are not alone. Many Large companies take the same view.

…If you focus only on painkillers, you’ll likely miss out on a completely different, and potentially much larger, set of opportunities: those that target pleasure. Pornography, sports and coffee are, for example, three insanely lucrative industries, and each of them sells the promise of pleasure.

I believe that a focus on solving pain points alone leads to linear thinking that suppresses innovation. A perfect example of this is music. As traditional wisdom would have it, music is an ailing industry. Listeners won’t pay for content, labels are going bankrupt and artists don’t know how to connect with their digital fans. Lots of obvious pain points waiting to be addressed, and lots of start-ups offering obvious solutions. But obvious is never disruptive.

via The Pleasure Principle: Not All Products Need To Be Painkillers.

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