when adverts subvert

This billboard design from Yammer, catches the eye and the imagination at TechCrunch HQ. What is notable is with this approach is not the new vs old media pretext. But the advertising vs recruitment campaign subtext. Had they followed normative practices they would be recruiting anyone for the company qualifications (read core competence) first. Now that they have invested in corporate culture they attract those with a certain passion first. 


You know how obsessed we are with billboards here at TechCrunch Aol, so imagine my joy this morning when I drove into work this morning (at 8am as always) and saw this awesome piece of artillery right in front of my office.

Yeah, our officemate Yammer has decided to wedge a billboard-sized nail in the coffin of old media (i.e. “one-way communication”) which conspicuously includes print magazines, newspapers and eh hem, billboards. Says Yammer marketing designer Aria Shen, “Simply put, we wanted to make a statement about the new paradigm of how people and organizations communicate, and figured what better way to do that than to use the oldest mode of paid media.”

Yammer, a Twitter for enterprise, says it bought the 6K per month/3 month billboard run because it’s hiring and wants to attract engineers. Good call: The infamous area around our 410 Townsend office is like startup Mecca. Soon to be neighbor Zynga has also gone the billboard route, with a 101 brand presence we’ve heard is in the 30K a month range.

As to the pricey billboard’s ultimate recruiting effectiveness in the age of infinite two-way Internet distractions? Well it caught my eye didn’t it? Maybe old media has some staying power

via Yammer Proclaims The Death Of Old Media Through Old Media.

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