bell and whistle fatigue

It seemed like only last year when all stories CES weren’t about iPad killers. They were breathless about how 3D was reinventing several major industries. Notably home television, cinema, and several forms of gaming. And now after a year or more figures are starting to emerge and chickens are coming home to roost. This analysis looks had how 3D in cinemas was not only meant to draw consumers out of the living room, but help them to part with more of their money.

So far the curve has not bent upwards in line with expectations.

…Hollywood studios have embraced 3D technology because it allows them to charge a higher ticket price. But the lower attendance points to consumer fatigue, said Richard Greenfield, an analyst at BTIG Research.

Several 3D films flopped at the box office in 2010. “The US consumer is becoming increasingly less interested in 3D movies,” Mr Greenfield wrote in a recent note. “While the horror and gross-out comedy genres may benefit from 3D (think Saw 3D or Jackass 3D), the vast majority of 3D movies this year have been disappointing at best.”

Total 2010 box-office takings slipped 2.6 per cent from $10.6bn to $10.3bn.

But attendance fell by 8.1 per cent, which is a concern for an industry already worried about competition from other forms of entertainment, such as video games, online social networking and television…

via / Media – 3D fails to lift Hollywood box office take.

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