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Linda Tischler features the discovery that Ayse Birsel has made: that ‘design thinking’ can work at home, to solve some seemingly intractable problems, in ways that new year’s resolutions won’t address.

The simplicity and mirth in her depiction of the design process is both soothing and inspiring. And it makes me wonder if Ayse’s pithy gift will help working practitioners of design thinking to up their game and make their methods more available to the casual reader, as well. 

…[Ayse] Birsel is a New York-based designer famous for her Resolve office system for Herman Miller, a versatile and people-friendly suite of workplace furniture, and for her wildly colorful and inventive M’Afrique collection for Moroso

Over the past couple years, as she tried to juggle her business, her kids, and a commuter marriage between Manhattan and Dakar (and you thought your commute was brutal!), she kept trying to figure out a better way to stay on top of it all, to prioritize things so that she felt like she was controlling her life instead of the other way around.

Eventually it dawned on her: organizing your life is not unlike other design problems she had tackled – messy, unfocused, fraught with constraints and complications. Why not, she thought, use the same processes and tools she would use to create, say, a new line of cookware for Target, to create a better life?

With a bit of tinkering, her plan, “Design the Life You Love” was born.

In November, she rolled out the prototype in a workshop at The School of Visual Arts sponsored by the Academi of Life, an educational organization devoted to exploring the art of living.

via Linda Tischler: Forget New Year’s Resolutions. This Year, Use Design Tools to Redesign Your Life.

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