an imaginary scratch pad of unsettling ideas

For months, my blog would nag. Not in editorial style say, to others. It would quietly nag at me. And why? After all, it was only ever visited by dozens of people who I affiliate with. But mostly it was – and still is – visited by me.

Writing a blog was simply intended as a journal of self guided discovery. An imaginary scratch pad of unsettling ideas. Ideas, that I would need to consider, examine, reflect upon, and re-factor in essay form, in order to grow. If others were willing to weigh in, chime in, or up the ante, then all the better.

 A few have chimed in. A few more have weighed in. But no one has raised the pot. And so it seemed essential to me that I make sense of that inner voice. Perhaps something was hiding in plain sight – albeit hiding from me.  So, over the past six or maybe eight weeks I have taken different tact: if essay form is so difficult and such a ropey manner for a non-writer to write with, then perhaps should I start fresh and make different use of the blog concept. Perhaps I was doing something with a blog that designer ought not to have done in the first place. Perhaps there was simply not enough grist in the mill.

Now when I take notice of: events, issues, concepts, themes, and arguments, I collect them. Like butterflies. Storing them for deeper examination, later. I intend to review the material deeply, (which is made difficult in the wordpress format) and write a monthly essay, rather than simply conjuring one… from nowhere, as was the case when started back some twenty months ago.

If you are reading this now, then I invite you to browse the material more often. There will be more to immerse in. More concrete examples to discuss. More newsy.

If you see something, say something. In other words chime in. Less is more. Hell, less is plenty. If you struggle with something, say more. Redirection is as welcome as rebuttal. All unfinished ideas are welcome. And just like in design school, there are no wrong answers. If a post triggers something in you, even several hours or days later, then come back, and bring something with you. And raise the ante.

Without really trying to make sense of the last six to eight weeks clearly some themes are forming. Themes that involve: motivation, inclination, and preparation in the innovator’s disposition. So dig in. Invite a friend. And let’s start an active conversation in 2011 about why so many people work in innovation, and yet so few ever realize the innovation they need. 


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