when button and handle correspond

From a Davis Pogue review, an interesting explanation of how (shutter) button, and (focussing ring) handle are designed to interdepend on one another. Good thinking. 

If you know what you’re doing photographically, you’ll love the big, clicky ring around its lens barrel. It lets you make quick adjustments without burrowing into menus. Which adjustment? That’s up to you. With one button press, you can redefine the ring’s function: zoom, manual focus, exposure adjustment, white balance, ISO (light sensitivity), shutter speed or aperture.

The S95 also has a few ingenious improvements on the standard self-timer. There’s Smile Shutter (waits to snap until you smile), Wink Shot (waits two seconds after you wink) and Face Detect (waits two seconds after a new face enters the frame — yours, that is, after you’ve set up the shot and rejoined the group

via Small Cameras With Big Sensors, and How to Compare Them – NYTimes.com.

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