the one million march

The Economic Times of India reports on the rise of Apple TV. Pointing out that Apple is closing in on the all important benchmark of one million units/customers, which represents some imaginary line between a hobby and an industry disruption – especially to smaller cable co’s that were once sheltered from new entrants. 

Apple Inc expects sales of Apple TV to top 1 million units this week, showing that the device is gaining traction in bringing the Web to TV.

Apple also said on Tuesday that iTunes users are now renting and buying more than 400,000 TV shows and more than 150,000 movies per day.

“One million is a real benchmark,” said Daniel Ernst, an analyst with Hudson Square Research. “To put it in perspective, they are within shooting range of some of the smaller cable operators like Cablevision with 3 million subscribers.”

In September, Apple introduced a less expensive, smaller version of Apple TV for $99. The move stepped up the battle with the likes of Google Inc and Microsoft Corp , which are all vying for control of the digital living room.

In the latest example, Microsoft is in talks with media companies to license TV networks for a new online pay-television subscription service through the XBox.

via Apple TV sales expected to rise to 1 million – The Economic Times.

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