differing rules for differing maturity

From the LA Times report on the net neutrality bill. 

The so-called net neutrality rules prohibit companies that provide high-speed Internet service from blocking access by customers to any legal content, applications or services, such as using the free Skype online phone service. 

For the first time, there will be government regulations to keep information flowing freely on the Internet and requiring Internet service providers to give customers more details about how they run their networks.

The rules will be tougher on wired Internet service from cable and phone companies than it will be on such service provided by wireless carriers because that market is in an earlier stage of development and is evolving quickly.  For wired services, the FCC added an additional rule prohibiting Internet providers from “unreasonable discrimination” in how they treat access to content and services.

The goal of that regulations is to prevent companies that provide Internet access from giving priority to their own offerings , such as the ability to watch TV shows or movies online, or slowing the delivery of services from competitors.

via Technology | Google adds hacking warnings to search results | Los Angeles Times.

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