personifying; the ability of things

Pascal-Emannuel Gobry puts his finger on something that he says Apple does very well. And finds no end of irritation about the practice. Labeling it as a “clever – and most annoying… marketing gimmick”. What seems like gimmickry to Pascal-Emmanuel seems like the good grammar found in ‘design thinking‘. 

Here it is: Apple refers to its products grammatically as persons and not as objects. 

If Steve Jobs is talking about an iPod, an iPhone or an iPad, he will say “iPhone does this” or “iPad does that”, instead of “the iPhone does this” and “the iPhone does that.” You would use the former version to refer to a person, and the latter to an object.

It’s extremely smart because it’s so subtle. We’ll bet most people haven’t noticed it. And yet it’s exactly the kind of thing that works.

For more on what’s eating Pascal-Emmanuel: 

via Apple’s Cleverest — And Most Annoying — Marketing Gimmick.

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