it seems that innovation is becoming a verb

Finding Tata on the backfoot, seems as likely as finding Apple in a similar situation. But here they are getting trumped, by Suzuki, and now GM. Yes that GM. Recently bankrupt GM. There seems to be a broader theme to this story, and others. When designers and engineers and analysts talk up Innovation, they speak in nouns. Things that are exciting. Things that do exciting things. And that are exciting to large numbers of people.

But in order for things to be exciting – the innovation part, i guess – there needs to be some consideration for the verbs. For process. For ways of making things differently, which ostensibly creates the thing that everyone will gush over.

Unsung business process design, will need to find a voice.  Soon. For Tata and others.

…Though car sales have shot up across India, because of an economy that is growing at nearly 9 percent annually, sales of the Nano have been falling for the last four months. Its maker, Tata Motors, sold only 509 Nanos to its dealers in November — a stark contrast to the 9,000 it delivered in July. Last year, when media coverage and auto writers’ praise were stoking demand, Tata had orders for more than 200,000 Nanos, which has a list price starting at about $2,900.

But as Tata has struggled with problems like production delays and fires in some of the cars, rival cars like the Maruti Suzuki Alto have overtaken the Nano. The Alto, which starts at $6,200 here, had sales of more than 30,000 in November, making it India’s best-selling car last month…

via Tata’s Nano, the People’s Car That Few Want to Buy –

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