the economist on wikileaks and prohibition

…Let me start by suggesting that the politicians and pundits calling for Julian Assange’s head are playing into his hands. As all eyes track the international albino of mystery, the human and physical infrastructure of a much larger, more distributed movement continues to expand and consolidate far beyond the spotlight.

If Mr Assange is murdered tomorrow, if WikiLeaks’ servers are cut off for a few hours, or a few days, or forever, nothing fundamental is really changed. With or without WikiLeaks, the technology exists to allow whistleblowers to leak data and documents while maintaining anonymity. With or without WikiLeaks, the personel, technical know-how, and ideological will exists to enable anonymous leaking and to make this information available to the public.

Jailing Thomas Edison in 1890 would not have darkened the night…

via After secrets: Missing the point of WikiLeaks | The Economist.

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One response to “the economist on wikileaks and prohibition

  1. Good point. Has Julian Assange has become the martyr?

    Assange: “I encourage you not to become martyrs, but instead to intelligently understand how far you can push government into doing something just by exposing injustice.”

    In Assange I see intriguing similarities to John Lennon: political activist, under FBI surveillance, seen as threat to U.S. Government, polarizing figure.

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